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Jeff was excellent at coaching me through the training exercises. I definitely added some new skills and can't wait to work on them on the trails.
Thanks Jeff!
What a great experience! In two days time I learned so much and had a great time doing it! Jeff and Brett know every aspect of dirt biking and really pass along all that knowledge so you can get out there riding safely, confidently, and ready to have fun! Looking forward to my next riding adventure.
Thank you Dirt Bike Academy.
As a street rider of 5+ years, I've always wanted to get in the dirt.
My buddy and I took the 90 min ride out from Brooklyn for the Dirtbike School, which is an accredited MSF course.

Jeff was an awesome, friendly, helpful instructor. The course was a little tougher than I thought, as you really have to demonstrate good habits through repetition but once we got the hang of it, it was a blast.

At the end, we got to do a little grass/dirt trail sprint which was totally exhilarating. I'm hooked. I'll definitely be going back to develop my offroad skills, either with a ADV or larger dirt bike of my own.
Jeff was a great teacher and the course is really fun. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get into dirt biking or adventure riding.
After many years of riding dirt bikes, I decided to obtain formal training to ride a big ADV bike. In one day I learned what I needed to practice and excel to improve. Jeff is a great coach and teacher of basic and advanced off road skills and I had a lot of fun doing it!

I highly recommend to get training from The Dirt Bike Academy!
Jeff was an excellent teacher and made the course informative and fun !
My comfort level on the bike before the course, versus after, was night and day.
The facility itself is great, looking forward to getting back and exploring more of the acreage they have and hopefully joining a tour with them !
The reviews don’t lie! I’m sure a lot of you are just like me… let’s check the reviews and decide after that. Well I’m here to tell you that the reviews don’t lie. Brett far exceeded my expectations. Not only is he kind and supportive but he is extremely patient and truly gives you one on one coaching! I was very nervous to take this class, I have always had a deep desire to ride dirt bikes and having a background in street riding and quads when I was a kid while helpful still made me extremely nervous. Brett really put those nerves to rest and boosted my confidence 1000 fold! I signed up for the 2 day class and I’m really glad I did. I have only taken day one so far but plan to take the second next month. I left feeling happy I had a second day coming to help home my skills. So if you’re trying to decide on one or two days I highly recommend 2 days! I could go on and on but the gist is, DO IT! Brett is awesome you won’t regret it!
Jeff was a great teacher, and not only did my 8-year-old and I have a lot of fun, but we also really learned how to control the bikes in a way that made it enjoyable while feeling in control.
Just got back from an incredible experience with The Dirt Bike Academy. Jeff is a great riding coach, so friendly and easy to work with. His explanation of riding theory and on-course drills had me feeling more confident on my 650GS within the first hour. The "tour" after class was a RUSH! I can't wait to go back for more!! Thanks for a great day and making us feel like a part of the DBA family Jeff. We'll be seeing you again very soon.
Jeff was a great coach and taught us the skills we needed to feel confident to start riding off road. It was fun and Jeff gave us great tips and information about gear and safety. Highly recommend these guys. My wife and I will continue using them for training!
I highly recommend the Dirt Bike Academy for off road training. Brett was great and was able to Increase my skills in just one day. I will definitely be using them again.
This is an excellent place to learn to dirt bike. Brett was an incredibly fun and knowledgable instructor. Highly recommend!
Jeff is a great instructor with profound knowledge and the all star review is not just for his excellent riding education but his sense of accountability, responsibility and kindness combined is rare to find.
If you want to learn or even learn more, this is the place to go! I went to The Dirt Bike Academy and had never even sat on a dirt bike before. Jeff had me up and riding in literally no time! In just one lesson, he taught me everything I needed to know to get on my own bike and take it out. He explains everything in detail, then shows you how to do it, and then has you do it on your own while instructing you all the way through. I drove 2 hours for his class and it was most definitely worth it. After I've had time to learn a little more on my own, I will definitely be going to a more advanced class!
My son had a great time working with Jeff on his dirt bike skills. Jeff was patient and helpful in sharing his experience and knowledge on how to ride. We really appreciate Jeff and The Dirt Bike Academy!

“My 18 year old son and I attended on June 7th & 8th. We had a great time and learned so much from Jeff.

He is a great instructor, is very easy going and has a great sense of humor. I have years of experience riding a motorcycle professionally, however riding a dirt bike is just different. We bought our dirt bikes last fall and have been riding on our own without training. Jeff taught us how to ride the right way! I would recommend this course for anyone, no matter what your prior riding experience!!”

“Jeff is a phenomenal and highly knowledgeable instructor with DECADES of experience in teaching how to ride dirt bikes and adventure bikes.

The classes are small enough for focused attention on the students and is structured to meet the foundations of riding for good riding habits. There ARE differences to street riding so it is worth taking even if you have street riding experience. Will be coming back for level II!”

“My ADV bike course was a pleasure. Jeff gave me his undivided attention and made the instruction fun.

He explained and demonstrated each exercise with skill and precision, which made it easy for me to follow his instructions. The exercises require the coordination of many separate skills, which were challenging for me to do well. His frequent feedback moved me in the right direction and helped me be successful in accomplishing the goals. Jeff’s positive comments during the whole course helped me to finish it with a great deal of satisfaction at the increased level of confindence in my own ability. I recommend Jeff and ADV bike class for any serious minded riders who want to learn to be better, safer, and enjoy their adventures more.”

“Two days after my 69th Birthday, I attended a Premier of Wyoming BDR, hosted by Jeffrey Ufberg of The Dirt Bike Academy and Hanover Powersports. It was right then and there that I decided I wanted to learn how to properly ride my KLR 650, having purchased it in 2009, but never actually riding it with confidence off-road.

Today, I completed the MSF Adventure Bike Course, and am super excited to get off road ASAP! Fact is, I had no idea how different it was from the MSF Road Course I took a few months after purchasing my 2014 Victory Cross Country Tour of which I learned far better techniques for navigating the highways of America. But this course was far more in depth with all aspects of off road riding that by the end of it, I knew so much more than I did going in, and now can’t wait to ride America’s BDR Routes with others, including Jeffrey whom I know would be a great riding partner on such exciting adventures. For anyone riding Dirt, Dual Sport or Adventure style motorcycles, I HIGHLY recommend attending a class with Jeffrey! You will emerge a far better and safer rider!!!”

“I took the Adventure Bike riding class at the Dirt Bike Academy with Jeff. My experience was excellent in every way I can see. Jeff is a great conversationalist, and that certainly sets the background for the class.

He not only speaks, but also listens and comes up with suggestions: individualized approach is highly rated in my book. I believe we got excellent instruction. Before every exercise Jeff would make sure everyone was crystal clear what we are trying to achieve. Then, while we were at it he would suggest ways to improve individually – with multiple tricks, if necessary, to shape the muscle memory. I think that was his riding and teaching experience coming through. At the end of the class, looked like, everyone was tired but happy. I certainly learned a lot, feel more comfortable with what I can do with my bike, and am very excited for what is next. Excellent class!”

“Jeff provides the best possible training and location to advance anyone’s off road motorcycle skills.

I am comparing it to another brand name course I took previously that I found much less helpful. By moving us through each exercise with patience and encouragement I found myself riding much better and confidently as the day went on. And the venue is beautiful and forgiving which makes it all the better. I highly recommend the course and Jeff is a superb teacher.”

“I recently attended a one-day dirt bike training course run by Jeffery, and I am beyond impressed with the experience.

Not only did we learn a lot in just one day, but Jeffery’s engaging and personable approach made the training enjoyable and memorable for my whole family. Jeffery was not only knowledgeable about dirt bike riding techniques but also had a unique way of connecting with my kids, which kept their attention throughout the course. He demonstrated a perfect balance of patience, encouragement, and professionalism, which made everyone feel comfortable and eager to learn.”

“Fantastic! Jeff, provided thorough instructions on how to be a safe and effective dirt bike rider.

During the full day-training session Jeff was very supportive, respectful and created a STRESS- FREE learning environment. His positive coaching style during all the lessons allowed me to naturally build up my confidence. Where in the end, I felt confident to challenge myself in learning the more advanced technical moves. I am excited! I feel I am in a great place to continue on in my dirt bike journey.”

“The Dirt Bike Academy and owner Jeff are hands down the best around. He had my 11 year old son riding with a clutch on his first attempt.

Within a 4 hour lesson my son went from never being on a dirt bike to doing many different turning, braking and shifting drills – much more than I had hoped for. Jeff’s skills and teaching style was so impressive that I’ve taken lessons myself. I’ve been riding for over 30 years and have learned every time I’m with Jeff. Since that first lesson for my son both he and I have had many private lessons and are much better riders as a result.”

“I just did the Adventure Bike course. Jeff was an excellent teacher with a clear passion for his students learning.

While the course is designed for beginner riders to start grasping off road concepts, as a more advanced rider I still got a lot out of the experience. Jeff found ways to challenge me and helped pin point some area’s to improve. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to refine their riding.”

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