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the dirt bike academy riding school Jeff Ufberg
TDBA’s founder was born to ride.

With The Dirt Bike Academy, he’s successfully turned his childhood obsession into a business designed to bring joy and skills to riders of all ages.

Jeff’s passion for motorcycles was fueled when his parents discovered Camp Canadensis nestled into the hills of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania in the 1970s. Forced to eventually leave his field of dreams for things like college, an artistic career managing and photographing iconic musicians, and raising two kids, the call of the wild never left his soul.

He reconnected with camp when he enrolled his young daughter at Camp Canadensis in 2009. By 2012, Jeff and both of his kids packed up each summer and headed to Canadensis after camp owners hired him as director of the dirt bike program he enjoyed as a boy.

To say his stars aligned is an understatement.

The dirt bike program grew exponentially under Jeff’s watch and continues to be a major attraction for campers. He delights in spreading the sport and all that riding on two wheels offers. He and the staff of five he oversaw taught more than 500 kids a summer and maintained a fleet of off-highway motorcycles.

But seven weeks just wasn’t enough for Jeff.

So, in 2019, Jeff headed to California to secure certification by the leading organization in motorcycle safety instruction. Now endorsed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) as a certified coach and approved training provider, Jeff is fully committed to bringing dirt bikes to the masses.

Jeff instructs and instills safe and responsible off-road riding techniques to individuals and groups, boosting the sport by producing more conscientious riders, aware of their environment and the concept of “Tread Lightly.” Providing easier access for local riders to learn and grow is his ambition. His first training site is located in East Stroudsburg, PA and more will come.

This avid trail rider feels lucky every day to be living his truth.

Jeff Ufberg


beginner adventure off road dirt bike classes Brett Amdur
A winding road to off-road coach.

Name the most likely next step in this career path:  lawyer, law professor, technologist, serial entrepreneur.

We’re guessing you probably didn’t say dirt bike coach, right?  And that’s just fine with Brett Amdur, Motorcycle Safety Foundation certified off-road coach and Jeff’s new partner at TDBA.

“Ok, I know how geeky this is going to sound,” Brett says with a smile. “But I learned a big word from another motorcycle instructor — really! — that’s appropriate here.  It’s ‘equifinality’.  It means that there can be a lot of very different ways to end up at the same place.”

Like a lot of off-roaders, Brett’s motorcycle journey started with street riding.  But because he’s always had a big love of the outdoors and wilderness, Brett then got serious about riding dirt.   He jumped into both dirt bike riding and adventure bikes with abandon.  He’s racked up tons of miles, and gobs of seat time, during his many far flung ADV trips and countless dirt bike days on the trails.

On the ADV side, Brett’s done a lot of both group riding and solo adventuring.  “A lot of people ask me which I like better,” Brett says. “The honest truth is that I love them both.  Group trips are awesome because of the great camaraderie that comes from working hard with others toward a common goal, and from spending a lot of time with good people.  But solo adventures have their own appeal for me — it’s definitely a different kind of challenge when you’re on your own.”

A Natural Teacher

Brett’s varied career before joining TDBA  included about six years working as a teacher.  “I really get a charge out of helping other people learn things,” Brett says.  “Teaching is about having proficiency and skill with what you’re teaching, sure, but it’s also about communication, and that means it’s about people. And anyone who’s spent any time in the motorcycle community knows that motorcycle riders are some of the best people on the planet.”

“I’m just absolutely thrilled to be an off-road coach,” Brett adds.  “I wake up every day and I can’t wait to start working on the incredible things we’re doing as TDBA continues to grow. Jeff and I are really living a dream.”

Brett Amdur
I cannot think of a better instructor for your child than Jeff Ufberg. With safety as his highest priority, Jeff is also an extremely compassionate, experienced and fun instructor. He is dedicated to the success of children and does so by tapping into the individual needs of each student while building confidence. Simply put, he is absolutely amazing! And, I know this because he has run our Hondas program at Camp Canadensis for close to a decade. It is one of our most popular programs at camp and Jeff is a big reason for that.
Brian Krug

Director, Camp Canadensis

kids and adult dirt bike training classes Brett Jeff of The Dirt Bike Academy

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