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Our Teaching Philosophy

Fun and Safe Dirt Bike Riding Lessons

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Our Teaching Philosophy: Fun and Safe Dirt Bike Riding Lessons

The Dirt Bike Academy is powered by the simple idea that, unless you’re among the fortunate and talented few who are able to make a career out of it, riding a motorcycle off-road is about having fun. Actually, wait, never mind. The pros are having fun, too. ;-)

There are two essential ingredients that go into having fun off-road. The first is that you have to ride safely. Knowing that you can ride safely gives you confidence. Confidence comes from good judgment about what to try, and what to walk away from. Riding without confidence – meaning riding with apprehension and fear for your safety — isn’t fun.

fun and safe dirt bike riding lessons
Second, riding is more fun when you’re improving. Riding is just like anything else in this respect: improving unlocks more excitement. Getting better means you’re taking on new challenges and advancing your skills. Becoming more proficient at something gives you pride in what you’ve accomplished. And getting better at something is fun.

So The Dirt Bike Academy is about helping you to have the most fun you can have while riding your motorcycle off-road, by teaching you to be safe while advancing your skills. Our approach makes sure that you not only learn new skills, but that you learn them in a way that maximizes your ability to ride safely. Our approach means we only hire instructors who understand that they’re acting as ambassadors for our sport, which means besides being good riders and teachers, they also need to be professional and compassionate. Our approach means that when you get on a bike to ride it off-road, when you start down the trail and you feel the wind and smell the air, you’ll know you have the kind of training that’s going to put a really, really big smile on your face.

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