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Next Level Advancement Course: Dirt and ADV Bikes

advanced dirt bike lessons

Our Next Level Advancement courses are for riders who are comfortable with the fundamentals covered in our Foundations courses, and are looking to advance their skills to the next level. TDBA's Next Level Advancement courses are tailored to the skill level of each student.  Whether you recently got the basics of off-road riding down or you're an accomplished off-roader with advanced abilities, these courses teach you the skills to take you from wherever you are as a rider right now to the next level beyond that.  Next Level Advancement  courses typically get you off the exercise range and into real-world situations.

We offer two different Next Level Advancement courses: one for dirt bike riders and one for adventure bike riders.  Because these courses are heavily tailored to your specific needs, we'll spend some time before your class reviewing your experience, and some time at the beginning of class assessing your skills.

Who are these courses for?

  • Riders who have taken a TDBA Foundations course (dirt bike or ADV),  or a comparable course elsewhere, and are comfortable implementing the skills covered, OR,
  • Anyone with at least a modest amount of off-road riding experience (more than 25 hours of off-road riding on a dirt bike or ADV bike) who is comfortable with basic off-road riding technique.
  • Please note: the amount of experience you have riding a motorcycle on the street does not affect which course you should take.  In other words, even if you have a lot of of street riding experience, if you haven't spent much time off-road you should still take one of our Foundations courses.

What will we do?  Next Level Advancement courses are a blend of a) more advanced on-range exercises and b) on-trail instruction that uses the trails that go through the wooded areas of our property.  Next Level Advancement courses typically involve more on-trail time than our Foundations course.  Topics covered, for both the dirt bike and ADV bike versions of the course, may include hill climbing, obstacle clearance (for example, using logs set up in the woods) more advanced body position exercises, off-camber riding, more challenging terrain (including rocks and sand, for example), and other techniques.

All classes are one full day. For Next Level classes, you must bring a DOT certified helmet, off-road motorcycle boots, long pants (no sweats), a long sleeve shirt, gloves, goggles, knee protection, and body armor (chest, back, shoulders, and elbows).

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