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Our Courses

Adventure Bike & Dirt Bike Lessons

Our Courses

The Dirt Bike Academy is proud to offer a great mix of courses.

We have courses for beginners and advanced riders, as well as for dirt bike and adventure bike riders. We have courses that we teach on our 150 acre property (on-range drills and exercises, plus training on our trails through our woods), as well as training we do off-property.  We also offer guided training tours through areas in the Eastern US!  Here are the categories.

Which Class Is Right For You?

  • Foundations: If you’ve haven’t had formal off-road rider training AND you have less than 25 hours off-road riding experience, our Foundations classes are right for you.
  • Next Level: If you’ve had formal off-road rider training or more than 25 hours of off-road experience AND you’re at least at a level where you’re comfortable when it comes to basic off-road riding skills while riding on easier terrain (simple dirt roads, easy flat trails), then you’re ready for a Next Level Advancement course that’s customized for you.
  • Multi-Day: We have multi-day options for all levels of experience.
  • Off-Property and Training Tours: Our off-property and options are for people who have had either some formal off-road training or at least 25 hours of off-road experience.

Not sure which course is right for you?  That’s fine.  Select “Not sure” when you fill out our registration form and we’ll help you sort it out.

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